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Aèdes de Venustas

The fragrance brands relaunch in 2021 brought with it the reintroduction of seven of the existing fragrances: its first, Signature (2012), Iris Nazarena (2013), Copal Azur (2014), Palissandre d’Or (2015), Cierge de Lune (2016), Grenadille d’Afrique (2016) and Pelargonium (2017). The alluring scents come in re-designed fluted glass bottles, marked by peacock blue accents and a matte black insignia-stamped cap, marking the next chapter in the AEDES DE VENUSTAS story. The particular peacock blue shade is a nod to the original location of AEDES PERFUMERY on Christopher Street, the birthplace of the brand and so much of its ethos.

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