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Aedes de Venustas

The fragrance brands relaunch in 2021 brought with it the reintroduction of seven of the existing fragrances: its first, Signature (2012), Iris Nazarena (2013), Copal Azur (2014), Palissandre d’Or (2015), Cierge de Lune (2016), Grenadille d’Afrique (2016) and Pelargonium (2017). The alluring scents come in re-designed fluted glass bottles, marked by peacock blue accents and a matte black insignia-stamped cap, marking the next chapter in the AEDES DE VENUSTAS story. The particular peacock blue shade is a nod to the original location of AEDES PERFUMERY on Christopher Street, the birthplace of the brand and so much of its ethos.


Created to be the first luxury brand on culture, Assouline has become the go-to publishing company for the contemporary library. As the digital world goes faster than ever, books are a solid part of our past and present, a matter of intellect and emotion, of heritage and innovation, with the past being a sensational source of inspiration. Not to mention they can be the perfect luxury gift item!

Dion Lee

Established in 2009 in Sidney, Australia by its eponymous Creative Director, Dion Lee is renowned for experimental construction and traditional tailoring. Combining innovative architectural silhouettes with the consciousness of the form, Dion Lee pioneered a modern identity and an intelligent sensuality not only for Australian fashion, but women all across the globe.


Timeless familiar yet contemporary, J.Hannah pieces are made to last and treasure. Made from solid 14k gold or sterling silver and stones which are ethically sourced or recycled, the Los Angeles based jewellery brand takes its inspiration from the symbolic layers that jewellery has historically held and the role of a piece becoming a meaningful talisman. That is why J.Hannah envisions jewellery pieces as part of the wearer’s story, by living in and living with them. In addition to that, J. Hannah also has the most amazing nail polish shaped in all earthy tones that anything but ordinary.

La DoubleJ

La DoubleJ is a multi-tasking Milanese brand that edits the very best of Italy. Founded by J.J. Martin in 2015, the company started from a shoppable magazine selling just vintage clothing and jewelry and now being a full lifestyle label offering new fashion made with archival prints, cool home design and rare vintage. All of La DoubleJ’s creations are distilled through a lens of pure joy, eye-popping print and love of all things maximal.

Linda Farrow

Originally a fashion designer herself, Linda was one of the first to treat sunglasses as fashion, launching the brand in 1970, with her finger always on the pulse of the times. A tireless experimenter, Farrow pioneered many of the shapes and styles that remain au courant today. Today, the brand is renowned for collaborating with some of the world’s most acclaimed designers – Area, Y/Project, The Attico, Dries van Noten amongst many others. Combined with the unprecedented archive of vintage sunglasses, the brand is constantly bringing a (re)newed perspective to the game.


Lilia Litkovskaya launched her name-sake brand in 2009. Coming from a fourth generation of Ukrainian tailors, her aim is to maintain traditions but being at the same time aligned with the future. Her belief is that masculine shapes on feminine shoulders can make the women wearing her creations feel equally fragile and fierce, resulting in a perfect balance for a modern, style-conscious audience.


Nomenclature celebrates design in perfume chemistry by showcasing today’s most inspiring, exclusive molecules—so exclusive that some, known as “captives,” are zealously guarded by fragrance companies. The fragrance label was conceived in New York by Karl Bradl and Carlos Quintero. The former needs no introduction to fragrance lovers. Scent-obsessed since childhood, Karl became an award-winning perfume designer. While he is not a “nose”, his role is a defining one: he conceptualizes each scent, chooses its notes and ingredients, and guides the perfumer throughout the development process. Carlos Quintero, a self-described “Renaissance” designer, sees his work as a process that can be applied to any facet of life, be it fashion, graphics, furniture, packaging, digital, etc. He has worked in Italy and New York for prestigious global fragrance, fashion and publishing companies and it was he who originated the boldly modernistic concept of Nomenclature.


Famous for its irreverent disposition, model cult following, and super-soft fabrics, the boutique made-in-L.A. brand is unique for its genius in keeping an indie spirit while still offering fits and washes that appeal to a wide range of people. Evoking the memories and experiences of growing up in California in the 70s, it reflects the freedom to be unfiltered, brazen and above all amusing.


Much more than simply creations, MUGLER produces works of art. Founder Thierry Mugler revolutionised the 70s fashion scene with his avant-garde, architectural, hyper-feminine and theatrical approach to haute couture, an avant-garde approach still in place today, with Casey Cadwallader, current Creative Director, firmly steering the brand to new heights by integrating with ease modern street-wear influences into the famous MUGLER silhouettes.

Ports 1961

Founded by Canadian entrepreneur Luke Tanabe, an unwavering dedication to quality has prevailed the brand’s narrative since the beginning. While importing Japanese silk to the New World, Tanabe developed a cross-cultural perspective that mirrored the sweeping social changes of the ’60s. Reflecting his vision for the rise of the modern woman, Tanabe expanded Ports into a luxury womenswear label that would earn global admiration for its precision and ease. In 2019, PORTS 1961 evolved into a modern creative collective defined by constant collaboration. With this fresh new synergy, PORTS 1961 merges namesake heritage with today’s most forward-thinking creatives — pushing the label into the future.

Rejina Pyo

Rejina Pyo is a London based fashion brand built upon a philosophy that explores dressing as an everyday phenomenon, both mundane and extraordinary and is focusing on evolving building long term relationships instead of short-term trends. The vision is to create modern, wearable pieces that encourage individual instincts and maintain relevance and quality over time.

Simone Rocha

Walking on a fine line between Elizabethan influences overlaid with bondage-y macramé harnesses and head-to-toe wallpaper florals, Simone Rocha’s (a Central Saint Martin alumni) designs exhibit a palpable balance between romantic melancholy and a modern edge.


STAND STUDIO was founded by Nellie Kamras in 2014 from the idea to meet a demand for expertly designed, high fashioned leather pieces at an accessible price. Since then, the brand has become known for its wearable items, mainly in leather and faux fur, but also in wool, vegan leather and other new sustainable materials, dedicated to style-savvy women looking for delicate wardrobe staples.

Studio Amelia

Realised between London and Sydney, Studio Amelia launched in 2019. From the start, the brand refused to adhere to the mass collection approach and instead vowed to focus on two core releases a year, with Studio Amelia’s founder directly engaged with her customer from the very beginning to gather feedback on the design and development process, the overall aim being of better understanding what her customer really needed and so to ensure optimised sales and reduced waste.

The Collector

Sourced from private clients and auctions, The Collector's vintage jewellery selection is comprised of one of a kind pieces from precious metals and even more precious stones. Not your daily or regular buy, but we assure you, they will become instantly a valued addition to the family heirlooms. We also provide the services of a jeweller in case you might need size changes. Available to discover in store!


Creative Director Gleen Martens took over the Paris based label in 2013 and has since established Y/Project as the go-to brand for conceptual shapes and inventive detailing combined with playful proportions and the masculine-feminine duality. The result? Eccentric references with unisex looks that transcend versatility.
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